Welcome! My name is Peter Frerichs, and I am a contract writer and consultant. I work across a range of industries, and I'm primarily centered on articles/blogs, B2C and B2B marketing collateral, proposals for non-profits, interviews, market research, and some occasional humor that I would be thrilled to do more of :) 

I hold a Master's degree in Public Administration/Public Policy from the University of Southern California and have overseas living and working experience in Latin America.

Rates are determined per project, and I always provide an initial skeleton/draft and even some sample writing for first-time clients (free of charge, of course). 

Click on the friendly menu icon (three vertical dash lines) at the top left and have a look around. 

I blog at Drive/Run/Dishes Ruminations, be sure to check out Featured Work, and your project needs to get off the ground, so schedule a check-in call here.  

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